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About Us

Meet the Team

Photo of Leslie Douglas

Leslie Douglas Owner, BIC, Strategic Pricing Specialist, Exceptional Service Agent

Photo of Robin Watkins

Robin Watkins Broker/Realtor and Office Manager

Photo of Milly Janvrin

Milly Janvrin Broker/Realtor, MBA

Photo of Abby Talmadge

Abby Talmadge Realtor

Photo of Brandon Young

Brandon Young Realtor

Photo of Fred Johnson

Fred Johnson Realtor

Photo of Jenny Rentz

Jenny Rentz Realtor

Photo of Mike Kane

Mike Kane Realtor

Photo of Micah Gardner

Micah Gardner Broker/Realtor

Photo of Rob Wellman

Rob Wellman Realtor

Photo of Seasen Acevedo-Zullo

Seasen Acevedo-Zullo

Photo of Diana Montilla

Diana Montilla Broker/Realtor

Photo of The Douglas Realty Group

The Douglas Realty Group Our Team